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Change of first name

Change of first name

When can I change my first name?

Anyone who wants to change their first name must submit a request to the court. You always need a legal representation (a lawyer) to submit such a request.

Change first name:

Anyone who wants to change their first name must submit a request to the court. You are obliged to be represented by a lawyer to submit such a request. For assigning the request for first name change, three requirements have to be met:

  1. an important (personal) interest in the name change must be demonstrated;
  2. There must be no reasons of public interest that oppose a name change;
  3. the requested name must not be unauthorized or inappropriate.

A first name change can involve obtaining a new first name, but also adding or deleting one or more first names. You can submit a request for a first name change if:

  • an incorrect or incomplete name has been provided for the registration of your birth at the registry office;
  • your first name is no longer suitable because you have undergone a gender reassignment;
  • you find your first name ugly.

Jurisprudence shows e.g. that, there is also an important interest if:

  • First names constantly evoke the association to be connected to a certain belief and violate the private life of the person concerned while the person has renounced that belief;
  • the wish is to confirm the special bond between the mother of the minor and her father and that of the minor and his grandfather (it was the addition of a third name, namely a name of the grandfather's grandfather);

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