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Change your last / familiy name

When can I change my last / family name?

To change your surname, you must meet certain conditions. Most important is having the Dutch nationality. A distinction is made between name change for adults and name change for minors. Only if you are an adult, you can request a name change. That is possible if you:

  • change your name to the name of your parent or caretaker;
  • to reverse a name change you had undergone when you were a minor;
  • want to change the name of your parents;
  • want the same name change as one of your parents to take place;
  • want to get your original surname back after a divorce;
  • want to change your last name because it is non-Dutch;
  • want to change your last name because you have an inappropriate or ridiculous surname;
  • want to change your last name because it is very common;
  • want to change your last name because it is misspelled;
  • want to get your original Frisian surname back;
  • add a surname of your ancestors to your last name;
  • add a surname that is threatened with extinction to your last name;
  • have psychological or physical complaints because of your name.

Your name can only be changed if you have the Dutch nationality.
If you want to change your surname or that of your child(ren), you can submit a request for a name change to the Justice Department. Such a request is not submitted to the court.

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