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Contract law

Contract law

Both private and business contracts play an important role in our daily lives.
From your home phone and internet provider to your employment contract, from mortgage to trading partner.

The contract law therefore runs straight through all jurisdictions. How do you, as an entrepreneur, deal with unreasonable terms and conditions of a supplier or client?

What can you do if someone breaches the contract?
Can you exclude any possible damage?
A small selection of the problems within contract law.
Both drafting and assessing contracts are part of the office's activities.

Bracke advocatuur can assist you in drafting and screening the following agreements:

  • settlement agreement;
  • distribution agreement;
  • dealer agreement;
  • non disclosure agreement;
  • Cooperation agreement;
  • partnership agreement;
  • general (delivery) conditions agreement;
  • rental agreement;
  • purchase agreement;
  • labor contract

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