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Labor law, employment law

Labor law, employment law

The law firm helps companies, individuals and institutions in the drafting and evaluating employment contracts and can advise you on existing contracts, flexible working and employment conditions.
Also are you in this office at the right place for advice on matters relating to dismissal, termination of employment contracts, dismissal compensations, disputes over competition clauses and social insurance.

Resolving conflicts

If you are dealing with a conflict, the office can litigate on your behalf or extrajudicially via a settlement agreement to terminate the employment contract.

Termination of employment agreement by mutual consent via a settlement agreement

The employee and the employer can mutually agree with each other to terminate the employment contract in good consultation. In such a case, the employer does not have to go to the UWV Werkbedrijf to apply for a dismissal permit for the employee or to submit a request to dissolve the employment contract to the subdistrict court.

Before you sign a terminationor settlement agreement, you must be properly legally advised so that you do not run the risk of being considered culpably unemployed in connection with a possible application for unemployment benefits. In most cases, the employer also offers you financial compensation to obtain legal advice, so that it will cost you little or nothing.

Bracke-advocatuur can give you legal advice and negotiate on your behalf to come to a good arrangement for you.

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