Legal area's

Bracke-Advocatuur can counsel and assist you in an adequate and flexible manner with all legal procedures in the following areas:

Family law

A divorce, or termination of a registered partnership (onlywhen children are involved), takes place through a petition to the court.

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Employment law (dismissal)

The law firm helps companies, individuals and institutions in the drafting and evaluating employment contracts and can advise you on existing contracts.

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Liability and insurance law

In the field of liability law Bracke-Advocatuur assists in the following areas: Company liability, profession liability, director liability and more.

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Rental & tenant law

What exactly are the obligations of the tenant and the landlord? In practice, it appears that both tenants and landlords do not know exactly.

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Direct debit

Unfortunately, not every debtor is equally concerned with payment terms. Practice shows that a lot of damage can be prevented if a strict collection.

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Recovery driving license

Having and keeping a driving license is extremely important to you. It is possible that due to driving under the influence of alcohol, due to medical reasons.

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Contract law

Both private and business contracts play an important role in our daily lives. From your home phone and internet provider to your employment contract.

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Name changes

Anyone who wants to change their first name must submit a request to the court. You always need a legal representation (a lawyer) to submit such a request.

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for everyone

Good legal assistance

Good legal assistance needs to be accessible to everyone. The approach of Bracke-Advocatuur is personal, honest and efficient.

Bracke-Advocatuur is regarded as an experienced partner in legal aid.

Bracke-Advocatuur The Hague | The law firm

The law firm “Bracke-Advocatuur” is located in the Statenkwartier in The Hague.
The firm is characterized by professionalism, commitment and heart for your business.
The client base consists of both entrepreneurs and private clients.

General legal practice

Bracke-Advocatuur is a general practice, so we are more than happy and capable to give you legal counseling and assistance in different legal areas.

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